52-Weeks of Roxana's Life

A theme based photo blog


Week 15 # 31 Show With Flash/ Speed Light

maggie-head-shot_mg_1509 My approach to photography is to use the natural light and camera settings to achieve the best shot. But I had decided to learn flash photography to improve my family photos that I take. So, with the help and support of my friends, we are learning this very different technique. This is a photo I took of my youngest daughter for the homecoming dance. I took many photos that night of my daughter and her friends. This was my favorite. Not because I did everything technical right. I captured Maggie just being herself. With a beautiful smile that I love so much. I think, as a photographer, you try to capture the essence of that moment. So when you look back at the photo you remember the same emotions and feelings as when you took the shot. It doesn’t matter how you achieve your photo, but you need to capture that moment in time.



Week 14 # 4 Architectural Details

walkway-to-the-sky This is another photo of the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. We walked all over the campus looking for this one shot. This mile long walkway called the Esplanades shows wrights use of connected geometric design.


Week 13 # 25 Place Of Worship

place-of-worship_mg_1940 I toured the campus of Florida Southern College with my photo club to photograph the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world. The William H. Danforth Chapel has a large leaded art glass window at the back of the alter. When you sit in the pews of this small chapel you just want to stare at the beauty of this colorful glass window. This large campus has so much to see that I need a second trip to photograph it all. If you find yourself in Lakeland Florida stop by to see this amazing architecture you will not be disappointed.


Week 10 # 38 Street Scenes

alley_mg_9498 When I photograph street scenes I always will check alleys, parking lots and side streets, its interning to look for off the beaten track kind of shots. When you first look at the photo you will see all garbage cans. But when you look deeper and see the water pattern from the leaking pipe, Different patterns,textures on the wall and ground it gives Ybor that gritty city feel. My second photo I saw down a side street. This man was looking in garbage cans quite a ways from where I was standing. This made me feel sad I was wondering how he got to this point in his life. Than he stared heading in my direction and I took this shot with the sign over head saying Last Chance Bar. Do you think he will get one more chance at life or is he stuck in the life he leads? I do wish all stories had happy endings but that is not how life works.